Battery Pro Live Wallpaper. 2.1.5


Cool Live Wallpaper for your Device, you will never be with low battery!

Battery Pro HD is the best , usefull and original Live Wallpaper that show important infos of your device's battery , like percentage and temperature.


(Ver 2.0 NEW!!! read below )

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New in 2.0 version :
- HD images and graph
- Tested in all the resolution .
- new OpenGL graphic.

Main features :

1) Always active in backgound in every pages of your device
2) Show the charge percentual with a graph liquid
3) Show the charge percentual with Percentage value (0-100%)
4) Show the battery temperature with a colored thermometer and number value.
5) Liquid color customizable.
6) Text Color customizable.
7) Supplementary Animation during the charging.
8) Green-Orange-Red smile faces indicating the health of the battery
9) Warning message in case of Low battery.
10) Warning message in case of High Temp Battery.
11) NEW!!! option for full battery infos!

The temperature colors range are the following :

- Blue under 34 °C
- Purple between 35 and 43 °C
- Red over 43°C

We suggest to power OFF the device if the temperature reach the RED status and let cold it.

The device has been tested on different devices and different resolutions.

If any problem, please email to and specify the failure, this will help to improve the app for every device, thanks!

We want to thanks all the users that reported by email many bugs in the previous version , now fixed after many hours of work!!!

Some phone are not compatible with live wallpapers, please check the web to see if yours is compatible.

Look at our other widgets, wallpaper and applications on the market.

Change Log :

- Fixed bugs for high resolution devices.
- HD images and graph
- Tested in all the resolution (tablet included).
- new OpenGL graphic.

- NEW!!! option for full battery infos!

- Added Infos window "i" with more usefull battery informations.

- Fixed "charging/notcharging" bug related to some devices.

- Fixed a bug related to some devices.

- Fixed some minor bugs
- New program icon

- First release

System Requirement:

There are two requirements to use live wallpapers:
1) compatible hardware;
2) compatible OS.

1) compatible hardware -- any phone that came with Android OS 2.0 or later should work fine. Anything that came with 1.5 / 1.6 may have problems.

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